Your Resident Experts


We’re beyond thrilled to be partnering with some INCREDIBLE women – all of who are on hand to answer any questions that you have and to share their knowledge with you. Learn all about them below – just click on their pic for their website or any of their social links to connect with them! 

Jodie Salt


As well as running the club, Jodes is an expert in leadership and executive coaching. She’s been around the block in the corporate world and knows how to help women in that arena – whether they want to boost their credibility in order for them to smash through the glass ceiling or find their true authenticity so they no longer had to play the ‘alpha-female’ bitch from hell stereotype.

Roxy Rhodes


As well as running the club, Roxy runs an award-winning private mental health therapy practice. Known for her “sort your shit out” sessions she is not the kind of nodding, agreeable therapist that you may imagine when you think of counselling services. She’s also weirdly techy and loves helping women with the practical as well as mindset related business building skills.

Claire Sweet


Claire helps ambitious women take complete control of their money, so they can create the life of freedom they really want. She wants to help you pay for that big thing you want, while still going on holiday and drinking gin along the way.
Claire is an award-winning Financial Advisor and Money Coach. Her work has been featured in The Telegraph, Moneywise and Sheerluxe and she’s a regular guest on BBC Radio Kent, as an expert in her field.


Katy Angelidi


Alongside running a multi-award-winning bridal makeup business and being a mum of 2 girls, Katy is passionate about empowering women and educating them about makeup.
Tired of the heavy, overdone aesthetic and seeing how many other women felt the same – her mission for real makeup for real life became her focus.


Robyn Ablott &
Claire Gregory


Robyn and Claire are business partners, friends and mums who launched The Female Fitness Academy – The FFA – in 2013 because they wanted to change the narrative that exercise is just about weight loss – especially when it comes to new mums!
With over 20+ years of combined experience in the fitness industry, they wanted to provide a genuine, no bullsh*t approach to healthy living for women – “The Warrior Way”.


Shell McKee


Shell is a Wellness Coach for busy working mums with a holistic approach to improving overall wellness. Shell is a qualified Sleep Recovery Specialist, PT, and Meditation Coach.
Sleep is a major foundation to our overall wellness, yet unfortunately, it is still very much overlooked/undervalued. Shell’s mission is to help bring sleep to the forefront and support people in making small sustainable changes, that will transform their relationship with sleep.

Louisa Ashforth


Louisa is a Beauty Therapist of 18 years and has always been passionate about skin! She has created and developed an award-winning skincare range that helps people feel confident in their own skin by giving them a clear complexion.
She wants people to feel their best inside and out and acknowledges the clear skin is not just about products. She wants to educate people on how the skin works and for people to learn about their own skin and what works best for them.


Chelle Shohet


Chelle is a Stylist and Confidence Coach and a bestselling Co-author. Her mission is to change the way women and girls view and treat themselves inside and out by helping women to embrace and fall in love with the amazing bodies they have and discovering their true inner style and confidence.