Upcoming Masterclasses


Every month we host at least one LIVE masterclass, included in your membership, from some of the best in the biz! These are all streamed into your Facebook Group, and then uploaded to the Masterclass library afterwards.

These masterclasses are designed to provide you with our ‘limited edition’ content – content that is currently a hot topic, based on the latest science and insight, or bringing an industry expert to the table to give you the inside story and all the tips & tricks of the trade on a specific topic!

We give you the opportunity to tune in with a brew (or glass of vino obvs!), suck up the learning from the comfort of your own sofa AND get involved and interact through a LIVE Q&A!   You don’t want to miss these.

We’re adding more all the time, but check out below for the confirmed, upcoming events! 

TUES 2nd NOV – 7PM

You’ve probably heard the following statistic: Men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. In this masterclass, Jodes will help you to break through the mindset barrier to have the confidence to apply and also the practical things you can do to demonstrate that you’re the right women for the job, regardless of your qualifications or obvious experience (or lack of it).

As co-founder of LLL and women’s assertiveness coach, Jodes helps women to smash glass ceilings, navigate boys club mentality and grow their credibility to achieve their success. With 20 years of corporate experience in leadership development and a qualified Executive Coach, Jodes has an abundance of expertise to help women be more assertive in both their personal and professional lives.

WED 10th NOV – 10AM

This session will provide you with tangible ways you can get started with the Serenely Sorted System – the realistic home organisation approach that that centres on efficiency and behaviour and is achievable and sustainable for anyone – even the kids!  With this system, you will reduce time spent tidying and rid the mess stress from your life – without compromise.  This system helps you focus while working from home as you’re not distracted, and, crucially, enables you to switch off at the end of the day without the daily debris of work interrupting your ability to unwind and relax.

Diana Spellman is the Realistic Home Organisation Expert and Founder of Serenely Sorted. With 25 years of corporate experience in systems/process improvement, she used those skills to address the ‘Mess Stress’ in her own life after working from home meant she couldn’t get away from the piles that had built up over time – and created the unique Serenely Sorted System.  This realistic home organization approach combines efficiency with behaviour and mindset change and is achievable and sustainable for anyone – including the kids!  Diana works with busy people in person, virtually and via her online course to help them save time, ditch the drudgery and get more peace in their homes – for the long term!

TUES 16th NOV – 7PM

The key to an effective and successful appraisal is in the preparation. An appraisal is a two-way conversation that has benefits for both the employee and the manager as well as the organisation so it’s important that both parties take ownership in seeing value in reflecting on successes, gaining feedback on areas for development and setting stretching goals for the future.

Emma Dechoux will take us through some key things to consider before, during and after the appraisal and throughout the year to break away from an annualised way of thinking whether you are an employee or a manager.

Emma Dechoux inspires you to achieve results through her coaching, workshops and programmes. As the founder of Inspired Learning, she is predominantly known for the work that she does to develop Leaders with a focus on emotional intelligence, mindset and motivating teams.

Emma’s career began in a sewing factory on piece work and over the last 20 years has progressed to being a Learning & Development Professional, leading a Recruitment Team of 75 and heading up a Women’s Network Group in an organisation with 80,000 people. She lives in Cheshire with her partner and 2 dogs and being half French, she’s a bit of a wine connoisseur.

THUR 2nd DEC – 8PM

Get out the glitter and grab a glass of something festive – Chelle’s here sorting your Xmas party outfits!

Resident Expert Chelle Shohet is a Stylist and Confidence Coach and a bestselling Co-author.

Her mission is to change the way women and girls view and treat themselves inside and out by helping women to embrace and fall in love with the amazing bodies they have and discovering their true inner style and confidence.

THUR 13th JAN – 10AM

It’s really normal to find yourself gazing into your fridge as a distraction from your work, or notice that you’re looking forward to finally being able to relax in the evening with a glass of wine or bar of chocolate. We are all emotional eaters. Eating to feel better is a great solution until you’re maybe noticing you wish you could stop and you find that you can’t. It’s a great solution until you notice you’re constantly thinking about food, and wish that you weren’t, or that you don’t like what you’re seeing on the scales, or that you’re starting to think that maybe you want to lose weight to be healthier.

Join Clair Mackenzie, Certified Weight Mindset Coach for this Masterclass if you want to create a relationship with food that works better for you. Discover how to…

Find food freedom and take control of your eating

Find the balance between eating for fuel and nourishment and eating for pleasure that works for you

Easily make food decisions that give you the results you want – without relying on will power

Create a better relationship with yourself – so that you can stop self-sabotaging and learn to love yourself more

Understand your emotional eating triggers- and discover three key strategies to resolve them

Certified Weight Mindset Coach, Clair Mackenzie is on a mission to empower more women to create a relationship with food and themselves that they love so that they can lose their weight for the last time and get on with living the life they were meant for.

Clair is here to pass on knowledge to help you quieten your diet demons and support you as you learn to embrace kinder self-talk so you can approach your wellness and weight loss with clarity, confidence, and calm. Clair empowers the people she works with to love themselves first. She combines extensive years of experience, psychological knowledge and coaching certifications, with her own weight loss and personal development journey, having lost her weight (six stone). She wants to empower her members to learn sustainable skills for life rather than stressfully bouncing from one diet disaster to another.